What is a Community Alert?

Occasionally you will see a link in the header menu titled, Community Alert. It will appear as the last item in the menu. Its link color is significant, as the table below indicates:

 Community Alert  Low Priority
 Community Alert  Medium Priority
 Community Alert  High Priority

Clicking on the Community Alert link will display a page detailing a current emergency or other situation of immediate importance to the general public. It might be notification of a chemical release, weather emergency, major communications system failure (such as 911), local road or bridge failure, etc. The page may contain links to other related Web sites or pages, or provide pertinent telephone numbers, location of resources (i.e. sandbags, shelters), or give specific instructions from incident officials (such as evacuation orders).

Agencies should send Community Alert requests to our E-mail Desk. The message must come a Chief Officer (or similar position if not FD) from the submitting agency. The message must be from an agency e-mail domain (i.e. @fostercity.org, not @hotmail.com) and include a telephone number for questions and verification. FireDispatch.com only accepts Community Alert requests from agencies appearing on its Web site.