Agency ID
Remember ID/Password
Authorized Use
Member agencies can log into to access expanded services that are not available to the general public. These restricted services are for official department use and will only function if accessed from an authorized agency computer network. Login credentials are not to be distributed outside the organization in which they were issued and their use should be responsibly controlled and monitored.

Expanded Services
Below are some examples of the additional services provided to member agencies.

  1. Member agencies are provided the full address for medical aid incidents (street numbers and unit identification are included in the incident location). These locations also include map hyperlinks.
  2. Detailed medical incident types are provided. On the public site all incidents of a medical nature are shown as "Medical aid". Member agencies are shown the actual EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) type, such as "Chest Pain" or "Childbirth".
  3. Member agencies are also provided additional report types and the ability to download CAD data for local use. Real-time incident and unit histories are also available.
  4. Member agencies can monitor the status of all units (not just units assigned to incidents) including Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL/GPS).

Login Credentials
To apply for login credentials, a Chief Officer (or similar position if not FD) from the requesting agency makes an e-mail request to The request must be from an agency e-mail domain (i.e., not Only member agencies are eligible for expanded services.